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Hi, I'm Paige. I come from California but I also have German and Danish ancestry. "Ich komme aus Kalifornien und Deutschland" Besides that, I have a lot of cultural interests, I'm a vegetarian, exceptional sushi eater, I love the beach, traveling, cooking, photography, & anything about health.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Los Osos

My mom and I have been considering running a 10k race in October called "The Spooner's Cove Trail Run." We wanted to see what it was like so we went and hiked around, as you can see it was very pretty. Also someone wearing skull shoes left a perfect imprint in the dirt for me to take a picture of. Afterwards we went to the Morro Bay farmers market, bought kale, peaches, honey, and olive oil. Ate lunch at "Health Foods/ Shine Cafe," got a vegetarian sandwich, and before going home  went to Sea Canyon Apple Farm to get fresh apples and cider. We bought 30lbs worth!...but we share.

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  1. We loved spending the day with you, and you didn't even complain that you were the youngest person at the "Art in the Park" by about twenty years.