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Hi, I'm Paige. I come from California but I also have German and Danish ancestry. "Ich komme aus Kalifornien und Deutschland" Besides that, I have a lot of cultural interests, I'm a vegetarian, exceptional sushi eater, I love the beach, traveling, cooking, photography, & anything about health.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Leaning Tower of Hummus

The farmers market nearest to me has my favorite middle eastern stand called "BaBa Foods". Last weekend we got a little carried away and bought 3 different kinds of hummus. Avocado & cilantro, red pepper, artichoke & garlic. And got a spicy black bean for free. We also got a container of tabbouleh to eat with it. I dislike tabbouleh alone but when you put it on a sandwich with avocado or scoop it up with hummus on a chip or pita then it's delicious! I'm glad I found a way to eat it that I like because it has parsley(vitamin K,C,A, iron and folate), bulgur (high in protein and fiber) and olive oil(unsaturated fat and antioxidants).

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